8 Things I’d Rather See Apple Do With Their Cash

28 days ago, the world lost one of its greatest innovators, and Apple lost its father. And today, there’s serious banter being bandied about that Apple is now considering using its considerable war chest of cash ($82 billion) to start buying back shares or, worse, begin distributing a dividend (the horror). Continue reading “8 Things I’d Rather See Apple Do With Their Cash”

Find Your Thing

I got a call from a friend. I met her at a conference. She was telling me about her broker, she’s not happy. My friend is actually 75 years old and has $400k to her name. Actually, it’s for her and her husband. And they’re losing money. She tells me her portfolio is down “2.85%” vs. the same time period of the S&P 500 being down around 10%. She admits it’s not the advisor’s fault, but she’s “just tired of losing money these last two months”. She’s “tired of the roller coaster”.

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