Personal Bio…

I grew up in Maryland down the street from a farm that I worked on, for a farmer I loved. That farm is gone; it’s now a subdivision — that’s progress, I suppose. I’m an Eagle Scout, which makes me a nerd or dork depending on who you ask. Either way, you’ll want me close when things don’t work, or you need a fire made with practically nothing.

I traded catching summer fireflies in Maryland for a daily dose of 70 degrees and sunny, making my home in Playa Del Rey, California.

I did my undergrad at Western State College of Colorado. Western lives at one of the highest elevations of any college in the world, so, technically, I probably got a higher education than you.

After college, I worked for Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and sales manager before trading my suit and ties for my sanity.

These days I spend most of my free time with my family and friends, traveling, reading, advising, hiking and backpacking. I would say doing yoga every day too, but I’m honest.

My wife, Jodi Magaram Bell, is a lawyer, graduating from Stanford and Brown. She’s wicked smart. I’m the lucky one. Together, we shepherd four amazing human beings we call our children. Why four?… Because we do not want five. 😉 We’re good. All set. No mas.

Professional Bio…

Scott A. Bell is the founder of Gross Domestic Product, Inc.

He is a partner and investment adviser for Crafted Wealth Management, a financial planning firm that focuses on providing personal advice using behavioral science to build truly hand-crafted plans. He also serves as an adviser to PurpleBudget.com, a cashflow coaching service designed to help people build better money habits and save more money.

Scott graduated Magna Cum Laude in Economics, with a focus on the Southern Cone economies and trade policy effects on GDP. His econometric thesis was on Openness To Trade And Its Relationship To GDP. (There is a relationship, and it’s positive)

He is a speaker and writer on the topics of financial advice, the inner workings of retail advice, financial technology, and behavioral finance. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Barron’s, and Abnormal Returns.

If you’re in the neighborhood stop by and say hi. I’m a hugger – you’ve been warned.

Email: scottabell at gmail.com



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