The Holy Grail of Infographs

What do you get when you combine scripture with sentiment analysis? The holy grail of infographs. (What?…Too Much? I crossed the line, didn’t I?)

From one of my favorite data apostles, Nathan over at Flowing Data:

OpenBible quantifies the ups and downs of the Bible. Red is negative and black is positive.

Things start off well with creation, turn negative with Job and the patriarchs, improve again with Moses, dip with the period of the judges, recover with David, and have a mixed record (especially negative when Samaria is around) during the monarchy. The exilic period isn’t as negative as you might expect, nor the return period as positive. In the New Testament, things start off fine with Jesus, then quickly turn negative as opposition to his message grows. The story of the early church, especially in the epistles, is largely positive.

(Click to Embiggen)

Here’s the data arranged by book with a moving average of five verses on either side. (By comparison, the above visualization uses a moving average of 150 verses on either side.)

I can’t wait to see what someone does with the Book of Mormon. (What? Too Soon?)


Flowing Data

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