Infographically Awesome

I heart infographs.

The marriage of data & design. It’s amazing what the two combined can help us achieve.

In a single picture or short video the amount of information we can now communicate is staggering. Think about it. 10 years ago the USA Today at McDonald’s was about the most infographic exposure most of us were getting on anywhere near a regular basis. Now thousands of blogs & designers a day are cranking out new, thoughtful designs. And usually for free. Amazing, isn’t it?

And people are starting to search for ‘infographic’ information now too. If the search terms “infographic & infographics” were stocks, I’d say we have positive momentum from the chart below. Wouldn’t you?

One of my favorite sites, Cool Infographics, found a simple & well designed video to illustrate just what I’m talking about.

The Value of Data Visualization is a cool motion graphic used as an advertisement for infographic design services from our friends at Column Five Media.  The short video does a really good job of showing the viewer a few good examples of why visual information can be easier to comprehend.


The Value of Data Visualization from Column Five on Vimeo.

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