Your Friend: The Brand

Hi there. You remember me…

You Like me on Facebook. You remember, you clicked on me because Facebook suggested we hook up.

I am so glad we’re friends now. Isn’t this cool?

Hey, did you see that fun fact we posted on our wall today? I bet you didn’t know on this day, we did that. And those wacky polls? So much fun…

And now, bonus– you get to see all of the other people commenting on my wall about how much they like me too. What’s not to like about that?

And humungous bonus… now you can connect with other people as a result of your relationship with me. You can talk with them about me, when I’m not around & telling you about all of the other awesome things about me. It’s gonna to be sweet.

I love your phone by the way. I can totally relate with your choice. Great call. (Well, unless you’re using Palm or Blackberry of course)

You saw our app, right? It’s wicked awesome. You can see what I’m doing anytime, anywhere now. Like, let’s say, I want to donate money to my favorite charity, if you just buy a couple of things from me. BAM, now you know. 24/7.

You should totally buy more time with me by the way; like right now. I mean you saw our website address on TV, didn’t you? And during the game too. Right there. Right above the dugout.

That’s so smart, isn’t it?

My marketing ‘friends’ told me after you see me six or eight times, you’ll want to hang out with me all the time. You will be popular & cool. And so will I. It’s like a win/win, I think that’s what they said.

And did you see our video on YouTube? Pretty sweet, huh?

Can’t you totally connect? So funny & catchy, yet poignant and touching.

Yeah, I know… it went viral. Like three million hits.

We LOVE that song too. Isn’t it so cool that we’re all associated with that artist now? I just bought the song for my iPod.

By the way, we are so in now that we’re following each other on Twitter too. I bet this totally raises both of our Klout scores. I’m going to tweet about how awesome you are anytime you tweet about how awesome I am. Promise.

So, hey– this might be a little soon but, I’ve got this other friend. You should meet them. Maybe even start buying your baby food from them (along with our other acme products). Trust me, if you Like me– you are going to LOVE them.

So, I’ll just put you down for a yes & you can get back to me… (unless you read the fine print and uncheck the box we hid)

Oh Brand, you are such a good person to know & hang out with. Thanks for being such a good friend. All the games we’ve played and codes we’ve entered together, trying to win big prizes. Livin’ the dream…

And I don’t care what anybody says, I am going to keep asking for you by name. You created something epic in that 1:32 video & I’m watching. I hear you. I’m sticking with you through think & thin, and hopefully some rebates. And sure, I’ll see what your other friends are like too. You’ve been good to me Brand & I haven’t forgotten that.

Just do it, right?

Why not? After all, it’s not show friends; it’s show business…


The Golden Age- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 

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