Real World/Road Rules: The Challenge

Reality is the linchpin to real change.

It’s becoming blatantly obvious that neither President Obama or congress have a plan to bring the American people the jobs we need. Our president has decided to wait on Congress, and more so– the Super Committee. And so, I’ve come up with a solution to give the American people a stronger voice & vote (and maybe even a few laughs) during this difficult time. Maybe even some new revenue & jobs for our country. Reality TV at it’s best.

This is not the time for ‘no camaraderie‘ in congress. This is not the time to act like strangers. And a golf outing ain’t gonna cut it.

So, as President Obama plans his road trip through America to introduce his new talking points for jobs, I propose we maximize the fun factor of the road trip. Pack up the vans & bring the Super Committee along for the ride. Real World/Road Rules style.

This is a true story. Of 12 strangers picked to live in a Winnebago, for three weeks with President Obama. Working Together. And have their lives taped. To find out what happens. When people stop being Politicians. And start getting Real. The Real World.

The Logistics:

We crowdsource the Super Committee decision. It’s obvious congress can’t handle the responsibility. They’re acting like children. Recess is over. So, let America decide.

The top 12 candidates for the Super Committee (6 each on each side) are voted in on google+, facebook, & twitter. And a call in-number…of course. So– go ahead, vote in Mitch McConnell Dances with Stars style.

Then the cameras are set up 24/7 in President Obama’s Winnebago with our Super Heroes for a three-week long road trip. On C-Span. Use all three C-Span channels for the different camera crews/views. Networks can have access to and edit the feeds (for a hefty fee) so Fox and MSNBC can narrate their slanted view of the story.

And we get some damn good Must-See TV.

Some Ground Rules:

Everybody gets a turn to drive. But if one of you wrecks the Winnebago, it’s coming out of your paycheck. They shop together, on a budget. They work together on projects. They buy only American products. And political parties are on teams for the challenges. For some challenges, like working in a hospital or school that’s in the underprivileged part of town, the teams are mixed up; Apprentice style.

Real politicians in front of us for more than an hour. American leaders showing the world what we’ve got.

You know we’ll see some milk out the nose funny.

Personally, I want to see Harry Reid in his old man night cap, gown, slippers and candlestick. And Speaker Boehner really letting his hair down on the hotel/party ‘celebration’ episode. I saw that elevator sigh. And Barney Frank, for 6 hours in the van? With Schummer? That’s gotta be better than 2 1/2 men. I bet, together, they can make Boehner cry. I want to see Nancy Pelosi working the graveyard shift at a convenience store. And I want to see them all with bed head.

We’re talking ratings gold. We’re talking MASH ratings. Think of all the money this could make us America.

I want sing alongs & campfires. Put up a tent together (remember– made in America). Three-legged races. Do a ropes course. Have an All-American Hot Dog Eating Contest.

They can work at the FDA-approved factory farm where our food comes from. Pick some spinach from the field. Live where our farm hands live. Go flip burgers in a McDonalds for a couple of days (a full shift, none of this camera op stuff). Go work in an American factory for week, like that CEO show. Fix things. Sit in on a week of Civics in high school & the work the same ditto machine from the 1950s that our kids are still learning from. Go drive a forklift, swing a hammer.

Let’s see our leaders in action, actually leading by example. Let’s see some real reality.

And when you’re not working like the rest of us schlubs who can’t afford to get a spray tan once a week, work together in the van on your plan to fix America.

And if, after three weeks in the Winnebago doesn’t bring these people together, well then– our differences ARE irreconcilable, but at least we know who we need to vote off the island.

And we all had some good laughs.

So, do your worst America– pitch some ideas in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Real World/Road Rules: The Challenge

  1. The South Beach episode: The Winnebago breaks down in Miami. The teams must compete in a drag show (think The Birdcage) to earn money for the repair bill. RuPaul guest MC’s as the judges decide which team has the member most closely resembling Gene Hackman all dolled up. Teams are free to choose any music from the Madonna/Donna Summer/Lady Gaga repetoir. The losing team must sit in a giant silver shoe atop the RV in full regalia, parading down Ocean Blvd while “I will survive” blares from the windows. Meanwhile the winning team inside gets to meet and choose something to cut from the other’s budget proposal.

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