Recess is Over

I imagine you saw our President’s performance after the jobs report on Friday. It really was one of his worst speeches. He actually tried to open it with a joke. The silence was deafening, complete with the awkward cough from the crowd to break the silence.You could still hear the birthday party in his voice from the night before.

He gave the same talking points he’s had since he took office about how we are going to create jobs and then went on to basically say the congress won’t let him play president. “I don’t create jobs… we need congress. And when Congress comes back from recess, they better get to work on jobs…”

But, you know what? No. Uh-uh. No, I’m not going to listen to this. Mr. President. I’m not sure if you know this but, you can keep them in session. That’s one power you do have.

“Children. Spoiled Children.” That’s what the very nice cashier said about congress this weekend when I asked her. “But what do you expect from people who take recess like kids.”

Did you hear Harry Reid? The audacity. Talking about how he’s missing his Pomegranate trees blooming. He hasn’t flown back to his “other” house in Nevada in over a month because of that debt ceiling debacle of democracy. And on the Senate floor he did this; we spent taxpayer time & money to actually have him lament his rich white guy woes.

So, he’s getting out of this crazy town, probably on a private jet. And do you remember? When congress was chiding the bankers & auto executives about those same jets? Heck, it’s been a talking point of the White House for the last two years, those private jet fliers. So, maybe we should start charging our politicians, for using our stuff. They can afford it, their portfolios are doing great.

So look, we all know. We’re not AAA. We can point to France and Liechtenstein and pound our chest about how great we are. But if we want our AAA rating back, we need to put on a AAA production. And right now, this is bush-league Americana. Self interest trumping any sense of purpose as a country, or a union of states. Where is our America 2.0?

So, it’s time to get to work, b’OK?

And then, maybe, just maybe– our politicians could act like they give a shit. Fly Virgin, Jet Blue, Southwest. Take the train, take the bus. I mean, isn’t it kind of sad that the story of Joe Biden riding the train home every night was something that we celebrated, instead of the norm?

Are our congressional leaders really so invaluable, so rare & irreplaceable that they can’t live among the people? We can fly coach & endure all the BS & safety risks but they can’t? And five seats on the half empty plane is more expensive than your jet? Bring your guards, hop on some public transportation.

Go live in your poorest district, even for a week. You’ll meet nice people who love America. Heck, pump your own gas at costco — go grocery shopping. Get real.

Our leaders are supposed to be servants of the people. Our advisers. So tell me this; In the last 3 months how many times have you heard from your politician? I don’t mean on the news, but a real conversation, a town hall even, a mailer?… How many times have you been offered a conversation (without a donation request enclosed)? How many times in the last 5 years? 10? How about in the last two decades?

You know what would happen if I didn’t call a client for that long? And you want recess.

The tradition of recess in early America was for the congress to go back (on horses) to their constituents & communicate what happened in session, and bring back new grips & ideas. They didn’t have the internet. We do. Playtime is over.

Ok, here’s the deal Congress– I’m not here to waste your time, and I certainly hope you’re not here to waste mine.

Now, you all look money hungry & that’s good. Anybody who say’s money is the root of all evil, doesn’t fuckin’ have any. They say can’t money buy happiness… Look at the fuckin’ smile on my face– ear to ear baby.

So, now you know what’s possible. Let me tell you what’s required…

You are required to work your fucking ass off in this office. We want winners. Not Pikers. A Piker walks at the bell. You want perks? Work. Coffee is for closers. You want Recess? Go teach 3rd grade public school. (i heart teachers btw)

So, it’s time to wake up from your dreamy slumber America. You want AAA? You want AAA, Mr. President? Then Recess is Over.

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