Politics (from Greek πολιτικός, “of, for, or relating to citizens”), is a process by which groups of people make collective decisionsWhat a noble idea: for the people, by the people. And take a look at us. Oh yes, we’ve arrived America.

It’s taboo, of course — talking about politics. But I like to talk about politics — and religion. And fart jokes. And did you know? The word taboo didn’t exist in our vernacular until about 1777. The word Taboo was popularized courtesy of hipster explorer Capt. James Cook, Englishman, by way of the Fijian islands.

The word itself (taboo) is used in more than one signification in Fiji. It is sometimes used by a parent to their child, when in the exercise of parental authority they forbid a particular action. Or anything opposed to the ordinary customs of the islands, although not expressly prohibited is said to be “taboo.”

So taboo, really means listen to your parents; & it’s the grey area of society. What’s grey area? As I read it– it means go ahead & do it; whatever it is — but if you violate the basic principles of society & really mess something up & you don’t have a good reason for doing it… Expect consequences — sometimes severe. Otherwise, let everyone live their life. That’s taboo.

To me, the notion that discussing politics is taboo in the land of democracy — just seems so childish. Like fart jokes. But that’s politics, a process by which groups of people make collective decisions…

Happy Birthday America!


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