Look At The Pretty Words…

I’m so busy with work right now, I haven’t been able to think about anything else — frankly I don’t know how most of the bloggers do it.

I have a couple of ideas swirling around.

The post I really want to write is about an article a client sent me from Seeking Alpha. The author was warning about the coming economic collapse. {Really the author’s site is for shilling Gold & Silver Coins, Emergency Food, & iPads.– you know, all of the end of days sundries}.

But I don’t have time for that tonight– we’re testing some stuff for the project I’ve been working on.

So, in an effort to look like I’m not completely ignoring I heart Wall Street, here we go.

Word Art from sources you might have heard of…

Click any to enlarge.

The Big Picture- Ritholtz

The Reformed Broker

James Altucher

Business Insider: Clusterstock

WSJ: US News

Bespoke Investment Group

Zero Hedge

Registered Rep


Investment News

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