Significant Figures

Significant Figures. SigFig for short. If you don’t know, there’s a company called Wikinvest.

They’ve actually built a pretty cool little engine that takes all your passwords & logins for your various brokerage firm accounts & creates a somewhat comprehensive performance report. They also tap you into their wiki-like knowledge base about your holdings, including metrics & stock news.

I’ve talked to them a few times & hung out with them. They’re nice people. I like really like the buttons they are pushing. I personally think opening up performance reporting to a couple of mouse clicks is the pandora’s box for individual investors. Knowledge & transparency uncorked– never to be bottled again.

SigFig is Wikivest’s latest product. It launches later this summer. It’s basically a recommendation engine. It culls your portfolio for excess fees & then suggests brokerage accounts, independent advisors, or new funds based on its findings.

If you aren’t watching companies like this, you are missing the shift that is happening in our industry.

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