RIP: Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron, a pioneer in a style of musical spoken word that evolved into rap has died. He was dubbed the Godfather of Rap. He died Friday night of complications from an infection at a St. Luke’s Hospital in Manhattan. He was 62.

Perhaps Scott-Heron’s more lasting legacy, though, lies in his lifelong insistence that music has to say something and mean something.

The first song I actually heard of his was B-movie. It is a glaring review of the Reagan mandate and geopolitical standing of the US in 1981. Listen again and hear how little has changed. Watch the master drop some serious knowledge, with this ripping rant.

“Controlling your resources, will control your world…”

“The Arabs used to be in the third world, they have bought the second world, and put a firm down payment on the first one…”

“Somebody always saves America in the movies, especially B-movies..”


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