Unplugging From The Matrix

This is a multi-part series. Because the scope of you, Mr./Mrs. Brave Broker, leaving Wall Street deserves more than 723 words. This will serve as your breakaway guide. It’s a brave new world, and I want you to succeed. Let’s begin…

On random days people of all walks wake up. I woke up on a Tuesday. I’d been inside the matrix for 8 years. I’d seen the glitches popping up along the way. The moment was subtle, like a white rabbit tattoo on a shoulder. It was something one of the senior advisors in the office had said to me a million times before, but that day it just clicked.

“We get paid to keep them invested.” It sounded so sincere & almost nobel before, like we were saving people from themselves– but that day I realized the gravity of my situation. I was a slave to the matrix. My job WAS to keep them invested in the matrix, otherwise I didn’t get paid my fee.


After that, everything looked different. Smelled different. Tasted different. The same faux cherry desks. The same geographically relevant historical pictures hanging on the walls. The same faux-gold gilded wall paper. After that, the fights & snide remarks sounded different. The promotions. Some days they sounded pathetic. And sad. I’d seen the glitches before. Like you.

And now I’m offering you a choice…

Do you take the red pill? (dramatic pause) Or the blue pill?

Take the blue pill, you wake up, bonus check in hand from the next Wall Street firm. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

All I’m offering you is the truth nothing more.

Ok. First things first, if you are serious about leaving the matrix, let’s establish what that means. It is a different world outside of the matrix, outside of Wall Street.

Outside of the matrix things will move & act differently. It will take some getting used to, but once you master it– it’s amazing.

You’ll experience this with people first. You will see more smiles & more people who like their jobs. I knew people who loved their job inside, but nothing like this…

Now that you’re outside of the matrix, you will have an Operator– You might know them as Operations inside the matrix. You remember? Someone to help you. Now that you’re outside– you actually get a choice in who’s your Operator. Most likely you will use Charles Schwab, Fidelity or TD Ameritrade. They’ll be your support– your lifeline for when you go back into the matrix. Each of the operators have little differences, but in general, they are all about the same– equally awesome. Way better than anything you had inside the matrix. You’ll just have to trust me for now, but I’ll be showing you more later.

No matter who you choose, you will have a desk of about 8 people dedicated to helping you. You remember Operations inside the matrix? That whole thing was a construct designed to suck any will to live from your brain. Here, operators will actually call you back. They will have answers. They will get things done. This is what good operators do. You should consider one of them. Remember their names: Schwab, Fidelity or TD.

And now that you’re outside you will have to make new friends. That’s not to say you can’t keep your friends who are still stuck inside. But I will tell you– I’ve never had so many friends & people I can communicate with for opinions that I trust. Smart people. Good people. With no agenda. And they are all outside. Do remember those cat fights in the hallway? Between advisors. All the whining & backstabbing. That was part of the matrix. A fabricated pecking order, full of politics you cannot begin to comprehend. Embrace it, accept it. Some people like the way it feels & stay inside. I didn’t.

Now that you’re outside, other advisers are your colleagues. Helpful & open to sharing. And then other people do the same for them. The world is big enough for all of us. Way bigger than anything you can imagine than when you were inside.

Now get yourself some sleep, tomorrow we begin your training: Technology. It’s a little different outside the matrix.

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  1. Yes. Excellent! And from someone who has always been outside the matrix…your giving me a whole new appreciation for it. I think a thank you is much deserved

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