Friday Night Lights

I used to play soccer in little towns that took it kind of seriously. They usually took basketball & football a bit more seriously.

I’ll admit it. We tried to make up for our less exciting standing. Our big idea for theatrics under the Friday night lights? A cool soundtrack during warmups. Blasting the stadium. And we’d intimidate our opponents with our superior musical prowess.

But the intro, that was always our favorite. We owned it. Well. For soccer players…

Iron Man – Black Sabbath. Oh man. We were a team full of teen testosterone. A team of terror. A tornado of tyrants. I’ll stop.

The thing is, if you listen to the lyrics, I’m not sure why we actually chose this song. Power chords prevailed I suppose. But the crowd did love it, & they loved the Friday night lights. — I did too.

Just goes to show the power of music. I guess that’s why Apple invests so much on their soundtracks.

Relevant: All You Need is a Good Soundtrack – I heart Wall Street

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