VH-1 Presents: Where Are They Now?

4708 years ago… 12 symbols were born.

It was one short year later that they met. They played small gigs with Earth, Wind, Fire. They drank Water together & made Metal. And history was made. Emperors swooned. Together they rocked a nation.

Tonight we’ll take you back. Following this cosmic sensation.

It’s rise to fame… through the flames … to today… On VH-1: Where are they now…

The Feng Shui Index.

The Annual CLSA report for the Year of the Rabbit has been out since the beginning of the Chinese New Year in Feburary. The WSJ was all over the Ox report in 2009.

And you say— humbug, hocus pocus. What is this tomfoolery?!  {well, you probably won’t use those words exactly… unless you like 80 and talking about kids on your lawn} But naturally you should ask, how good is this thing?

This year’s report? A sleeper. No major media outlet has picked up on this scorcher of a story. That is, until now. Jump on over to see the whole report chock full of ancient chinese secrets hosted on docstoc.

Sneak Preview: THE chart for 2011:


Some See a Rat in the Year of the Ox For Investors Seeking Advice – WSJ

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