Advisor Websites: Aspirational White People, Ponies & Mountains

Advisor websites suck. Almost all of them. They are either too vague, too lofty, too technical, or too white. Yeh, I said it… too white.

Do they really think ponies and pictures of mountainsides will create enough momentum for me to move my money? Is this an emotional or logical decision?

I submit to you, fine reader, that our entire industry needs a reboot in the pants. The content alone–  it’s always the same.

Sound Familiar?

What we do: {The name of the guilty has been redacted from this script.}

______’s approach to preserving and expanding wealth is a blend of financial strategy, investment philosophy, and risk management. Through careful research and by drawing on past experience, we help you achieve your personal financial goals. We protect our clients’ investments, increase liquidity, and diversify portfolios – all with the goal of reducing investment risk. With our unique set of strategies and solutions, _______  is the first step to take to ensure your family’s financial future.

See also: exhibits 1-8

3/23/11 Upon further reflection, I’ve removed the pictures- here’s why: I thought that if a picture of my firm was on this site showing everybody how crappy I was… well, I’d be (let’s just say upset). The truth is, I stand behind my right to say it– and I have said it {as noted above}. But flaming some picture in your face, just seemed too much in retrospect. If you want to know some examples of what I’ve seen– click above. That’s your right. Otherwise, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

3/24/11 I’ve removed some but they’re baaaack & freshly cropped.

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5 thoughts on “Advisor Websites: Aspirational White People, Ponies & Mountains

  1. Can I add a few cliche’d icons to your advisor clip art list? Chess pieces, doric columns and cleanly paved roads meandering gently off into the horizon.

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