Top 5 Things I Hate About Top 10 Investing Idea Lists

1. You do not know the ‘Top Ten Stocks For The Next Decade‘. Stop writing these articles. And YOU…Stop reading them. Now.

2. Byron Wien (I kid)

3. When the list is in a magazine subsidized by the ad dollars of the fund companies they are touting. {Smart Money, I’m looking at you.} How dumb are we?

4. When the list purports it’s life altering status. “The 10 stocks that will change your life.” — You should run. Fast. And far away. Or better yet, do the exact opposite of what they say.

and #5. That I got you to click on this story by writing a list about the top 5 things I hate about top 10 investing idea lists. (Google Search results: top ten investing ideas)

As you were…

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