Race to the Middle

The thing that interests me most about the next movement in our technological evolution is: who will own your data. The race is happening right now.

Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft…they’re racing for you. They want to own your soouul (insert spooky music & picture of Pinhead from Hell Raiser).

Ok, it’s not that bad– but we are talking about your technological soul.

Think about it. Facebook is social & where the telemarketers will move next. Google is your conversations & search. Apple is your entertainment and iLife. Microsoft represents “The Man” for a little longer. Amazon is just wicked smart & cool, frankly. They’re in more stuff than your probably know. All of them feed on ad dollars. And, there are other players of course: Linkedin, Skype, Cisco.

I am looking through the same eyes as you, I want a place I can keep my data too. When it comes to the important data.  I want a place that I can share, track, vault, document, & protect that data as a customer. And as an Advisor– a platform to serve as the place of record for important things.

And while I trust Amazon or Google or Apple for some things, I don’t want to trust them with the everything. Certainly not the keys to my monetary dealings. That’s just the way it is.

So where’s that bank? The data bank.


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