All you need is a good soundtrack

What amazes me about Apple, is their mastery of the soundtrack. They’ve had almost as many hit ads as products.  The stock price hitting new highs is well deserved. Frankly, I hope the fed is using my money to buy Apple and manipulate the market.

Apple has been outdone of course, but lately by themselves. Rimm unveiled their playbook. It looks like a great spec list. Who knows if it will really work as advertised. I do think three is the magic number for owning an industry, so I’ll be anxious to see what they do, along with the Google. The Playbook reeks of Microsoft’s Courier demo (see also: vaporware). We’ll see.

I think it could be over for Rimm (as we know them today) if the PlayBook doesn’t nail it…. but they did nail the song for their product announcement.

Sweet irony. Artist/Title pick: Cut Copy/”Where I’m going”

And to me, when I look around on Wall Street. I can’t help but notice the parallels. All of the banks are selling the same exact thing. Banks are the tablets of finance. Clunky grey boxes of data…and they should just work. They should just be there. In the background, as a platform. And if someone will lead the way, to create that platform, like Apple…. the banks would foster true innovation with apps we need & services we want.

And can you imagine? That’s the competition for your money in this industry. Busy selling you sh#t you don’t need, to fee you to death using sappy voiceovers on TV & radio. Tell me, if were a bank, with all of the conveniences you’d expect: free wire transfer, free atms, paypal-like ease of money movement, etc. Why would you use your current bank? Implied safety? {ha}

A drive thru window? A teller? Ok.

Now, could you imagine what a soundtrack would do for this new type of company?… Whoever captures it, wins. Because they are all selling the same thing: the promise to care, to be held accountable, to do it for less, with a zappos-like commitment to helping you.  But is anybody truly delivering that right now in finance? Does anybody have the killer soundtrack?

-“it’s not show friends, it’s show business.”

Blackberry PlayBook Demo (UPDATE: they killed the audio in the video):

Disclosure: Long Apple, Google, & Microsoft.

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