You Might Be ShellShocked If….

Poor retail investors… they are looking to us for cool calm, demeanor, but let’s face it– on days like we’ve seen recently, it’s tough.

Aside from emailing & talking, they’re probably shellshocked, scouring for some semblance of order.

So, I’ve devised this handy 7-point checklist. You might be shellshocked if…

1) Your latest financial plan is on the back of an unpaid bill.

2) Your dog hides every time Rick Santelli is on CNBC.

3) You fall asleep & wake up to your favorite business channel. …You actually have a favorite business channel.

4) You’ve seen the Progressive insurance commercial enough to know her name is Flo.

5) You’re staring at the Euro quote. And you’ve never been to Europe; nor are you planning a trip to Europe in the next year.

6 ) Nouriel Roubini is inviting everyone to his loft, for parties (again)… And Marc Faber & Jim Rogers are pouring the drinks.

7) You are watching the last 15 minutes of the market close. In yesterday’s shirt.

Feel free to add yours….

2 thoughts on “You Might Be ShellShocked If….

  1. 4. When you heard Obama say the beaches in Louisiana are safe for your children to swim in. (TOXINS? We fired the regulators that failed to do their jobs, we are going to need MORE REGULATIONS. I’m sorry your family member got sick! 5. You watched the so-called press conference ( Basically a speech!)today and can’t believe that Obama didn’t answer the Sestak $64,000.000.000 ( or should I say Trillio0n dollar )question!!!!!! 6. We should just get more presidents, maybe 2 or 3 because the one we have isn’t doing a horrific job.

  2. 1.If you voted for Barrack Hussein Obama. 2. If you think the growth on Liesmen’s head looks like Obama. 3. If you thought you heard James Carville triple bitch slap Obama. Your either shellshocked or a liberal!

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