Who Am I?

If we met in elementary school, I was the scrappy kid on the playground. Sometimes I got picked first, sometimes last; I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I was also the kid who asked “why” a lot, until I realized I could just find the answers myself. Then I grew up. If you met me in high school, I was the guy who hung out with everybody, and usually had someone mad at me for something I said… but eventually we’d make up. In college, I could have been a doctor, but I lived the life of a bachelor and subsequently learned a lot about the real world along the way. I’ve built houses, driven forklifts, worked every job in a restaurant, been poor, been broke, been scared & stupid… and today I am really lucky, really blessed, and very thankful for every experience which has led me here… helping people invest and make better decisions.

What is I heart Wall Street?

I heart Wall Street is a collection of observations, critiques, & insights into an industry I’ve loved since I was a kid, married with my obsession for design and technology.

Why Are We Here?

Fate? Destiny? Luck? Probably all of them. I know I am who I am today because of all of them — and you probably are too. Hopefully we can agree on that, if nothing else.

The reason I am here is partly because I grew up with the compass for exactly what not to do with money. I’ve also spent the better part of my life reconciling that admitted sadness against the benefits… which are the heart of this blog: go wherever the truth takes you, fight for the little guy, point out the problems, and leave it better than you found it (one of my dad’s favorite sayings).

The bigger reason I’m here is because I have seen things I can’t un-see or unlearn working in the world of wealth management; Wall Street: the Hollywood of Finance. The mistakes, scams, and shams… the truth and the lies, the stupidity & sloppiness — and the genius. Great stories in all of it. And having that in my DNA makes me understand to my core something unique, something I hope benefits you.

The writing

The writing I am writing here has been highlighted in Reuters, Forbes, Bloomberg, Abnormal Returns, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, MarketWatch, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Registered Rep, Investment News, & Real Clear Markets. These are my personal efforts & personal opinions.


I am Scott Andrew Bell. I split my time between West Hollywood & El Segundo and my office is in Manhattan Beach, California. I run a wealth management firm during the day & consult on industry technology. And when I’m not here or there, I’m out usually out exploring, snapping pictures, and being a dad.