Being Rich and Famous Sucks… unless you’re rich and famous

For the last two years, I pretty much poured my heart and soul in to trying to become rich and famous. Mostly now, I’m infamous. I honestly thought it would fill the void of self-esteem I know I’m missing. Somehow I’d get the whole world to love me, while my family doesn’t.

My face was earnestly buried in a laptop or my iPhone desperately trying for the next witty thing to say, or some awesome share on some social media outlet, the next blog post was going to the be one where I broke out; or maybe some new company to partner with.

And, in the end, what I can tell you with 100% certainty now is: fame is a full-time job. Every tweet. Every picture. Every word — has to be meticulously curated for an audience you’re prepared to rock.

And when it’s not, be prepared to dance quickly to make up for the mess you created for everyone (and their mom, if you’re really famous) to see.

Not everyone is cut out for such a journey.

I wasn’t. I’m too goofy, too aloof, too manic to keep an even keel on what is sure to be an insane roller coaster of success and failure. It’s actually not the failure part I hated, it’s not knowing what to do with the success, constantly trying to out-do your own high-water-mark is great for personal growth…

But it’s also a daily grind in the spotlight.

A destination-less journey doomed to lead to disappointment, because every new pinnacle will only expose the next mountain top that was obscured by the clouds of your lower elevation.

I was going to be famous by changing the world of finance, while being witty, truthful, charming and maybe even handsome. Forget that I had hippy hair and no one would take me seriously. Forget that I needed to lose 20 lbs. Forget that I wasn’t (and am still not) good at Twitter. By sheer will, I was going to make it so. Forget how much it cost or how many people said no, this was going to be my mission in life.

And then one day, something clicks. Someone in the right circle reads the right joke or insight and all of a sudden you’re plucked from obscurity. And then the work actually begins…

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  1. iheartWallStreet

    I’m morally opposed to autographs (and the lack of supply pushes up the retail value of those on the market.)

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