You’re Up, Europe.

I rarely talk about my asset management business here on the blog. (Actually, lately I rarely blog — I’m back in the lab working on finishing some things)

But, today I thought I’d share something regarding International & Emerging Markets. Something has definitely changed in the last two weeks. Something I haven’t seen since May for most of the stuff I’m about to show you. “What” you may ask?…

It’s actually gone green. As in dolla dolla bill.

I guess I should qualify that statement — It’s gone green for the indicator we use for buy/sell decisions, the 10 month moving average. Below is a semi-monthly snapshot, so you’ve got a few days until mid-month confirmation but — will you look at that?? Things are getting pretty, pretty good. And, if you’re looking for a Dogs of Europe (Pero de Europa) strategy, this obviously would be the time to buy some Spain. And — the Vanguard Europe fund… is now yielding 4.27% Sacrebleu!!

Data Courtesy of our good friends at ETFreplay.com

Read more about the 10 month moving average strategy at MebaneFaber.com


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