How It feels to Blog sometimes.

Find picture to create imagery. Type words to include interest tidbit du jour. Quickly interject attention grabbing statement peppered with collegiately colloquial words. Type more words. Long sentence, with comma. Longer sentence; tie it together with a semicolon. Straw man question. Answer with a punch-line. Semi-obscure cultural reference based on my target audience. Breathless sentence using words or phrases hyperlinked to a Wikipedia-like explanation. Hook.

Hyperlinked News Stories:

Italicized and indented summary featuring the best part of the article I’m blogging about, skewed by the media outlet covering their content vertical. Words sometimes bolded for extra author emphasis.

Insert cutting wit and/or super simple summary of the summary. Cartoon curse word. Awesome A-list alliteration. Loop back to the hook. Throw mini-microphone on stage.

Read More:

Link you’ll rarely click (unless it’s based on fear mongering or something absolutely scandalous).


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