Wall Street: Retarded or Mentally Challenged? You Tell Me.

UPDATE: The results are in…

If you said Retarded, here’s what you saw after pressing submit.

If you said Mentally-Challenged, here’s what you saw.


So a few days ago, I pushed my writing envelope. I used the word retarded. In a title even. My post understandably didn’t get picked up by many outlets. What editor is going to have “Wall Street: Soulless & Socially Retarded” running on its front page? Who wants the emails coming from that one?

But I did type that post, and hit publish. I can’t really unpublish it either, because it’s an important part of the story, my story. See, Barry Ritholtz posted the sequel. And I really like him. So, I’m not going to try to unremember that we connected on such a personally challenging post. And, as a result, it went baby viral for this site, and I met some new people. People commented on his site & mine.

Some people even ‘liked’ this comment about my post.

Now, I’ll be honest. I was dismissive at first. She doesn’t get me, it’s ok. But then I realized. I’m nobody to her. And the two people who liked her comment. And she’ll just tell three people about this asshole on the internet called I heart Wall Street. It’s easy enough, I mean my blog’s title is just begging for it.

I was going to reply, of course, but at first I was going to casually reply. I did even, then I quickly edited it to my final reply. That’s kind of the cool thing about blogging, you can leave a final answer.

If you haven’t read the post or my reply to her comment, now might be a good time — I’ll wait. OK- Now we’ve all read both, I have a question for you? Did I overstep? Am I being retarded or mentally challenged? You tell me, America.

Comment & vote. It won’t hurt my feelings, I’m asking you because I want to know & grow.

Was I being retarded or mentally challenged in my post about Wall Street? For fun, you’ll see my custom reply to either answer — and to make everyone feel safe, of course it’s anonymous. I’ll post the results later today (I’m leaving it up until Friday the 20th), updating this post. So, tell your friends– I’m curious to see how the stats on this one work out.

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