The World Is Flat

I have a friend. (Yes really). We met in Colorado.

He was from Chicago, I was from Maryland. He moved to Montana to be with his girlfriend. They got married & moved to Buenos Aires.

Did I mention my friend is a writer? So, while in Buenos Aires, he wrote. And wrote. And wrote. He wrote a lot. He wrote so much, that you’d think he was working on his next great novel. He wasn’t. He was writing about resort towns in the Canadian Rockies & beaches in Bermuda. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear he was a local.

Like the time I went for a little day hike around Johnson Lake, and got lost. Let me tell you, it’s really a feat getting lost on a hike that is technically a circuit, but the mountain man follows no trail except that laid out by his destiny, and that will occasionally get you lost.

I had just passed the dam, a little bit after the first mile of the hike, when I came across a pileated woodpecker just standing there in the middle of the trail (those are the ones with the red Mohawks, like Woody the Woodpecker).

I stood for a moment and watched him from about five feet away, figuring I’d never get such a close view of one of these beautiful creatures again…

His job was to write SEO-friendly articles about whatever topic he was assigned, from his flat in Argentina. And he was very good at it. His boss made him like “head SEO writer guy” and wanted to partner with him, or so the story goes. My friend is a smart guy, he knew he didn’t want to do this forever & he knew he wasn’t going to live in Buenos Aires forever.

They moved. Back to the US. Armed with fluent Spanish & and a book full of adventures & stories. Oh — And a really good idea. Teach english using Skype. Heck, teach any language using Skype. So, they did. And they grew.

So he made a video. He showed me the video. It’s really good.

And I had to ask… “how much did that video cost to make???”

He told me. $550. He bid out the job on oDesk.

The World is Flat.


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