Apple & Twitter: A Love Story

I’m not an expert. Just a fan. I love Apple. Ok? I do. …And I’m not afraid to say it in mixed company.

I. LOVE. APPLE. I love them.

Oh, sure I still love Coca-Cola. But this is different. This is something more. It’s special. This is really smart. Sexy. Connected. I want in. What the heck are you guys talking about?

Some of you are probably thinking that, right? It’s good stuff, I know.

And for others it’s almost a religious experience. The transcendence of time & space all wrapped up in this little app. I know.

I’m playing games with people I don’t know & people I do know from years ago. I’m talking to people from all over the world. I’m reading a review of my blog in Slovenian translated back into english. I can listen to the entire world & see if anyone says “I Heart Wall Street.” That’s Google Alerts for the newbies. It’s still insane to me, and I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. And it’s all on my phone.

And this —>; I can honestly say My Latest Effort would not exist today without Apple. My Jesus phone spits on my Palm Treo. Well, probably not — It is a Jesus phone after all.

…And social media?

I met my designer. This guy. He’s french & living in Australia. He loves coffee. I met him On Twitter. Through this guy. On Twitter. And this guy, vouched for him. Guess where we met? Wrong — The Kodak Theatre for a conference — about Twitter.

And the guy who started this whole Twitter train? We met in person & immediately I cosmically hit it off with him. I met him on Twitter. At the same time I met this guy (you probably know him); and he’s probably why you’re reading me today. If you not, it’s probably from this guy. Or maybe this guy. But not before meeting any of them… On Twitter.

You want more?

The inspiration for the AlphaBeta strategy portfolio we offer? — my good friend. Meb Faber. How’d we meet? His Blog & Twitter. We’d been working 3 blocks from each other for over a year. Hanging out in the same small beach town. Never met before social media.

My Database Genius? Canadian Egyptian. I’ll share a little of our history –during our journey of building the site I hated him, then loved him again. Like a million times. He’d say the same about me. I once moved a single paragraph like 500 times on a page. (and it’s still not perfect).

We made up on Skype often.

And I met him through the guy who introduced me to the designer. Say it with me… on Twitter.

And the engine, showing you all that magical investment data for the portfolios? How’d we meet? T.W.I.T.T.E.R. And you know what?? I trust that guy so much I’d partner with him on a handshake pretty much any day of the week.

The goddess who designed my logo? She’s french, living in LA. I met her through a guy I found on Google when I wanted some custom T-shirts. Hmm… not on twitter, though. He had a blog.

And What About You?…

I’m from Glen Burnie. Did you know where that was before you clicked the link? Probably not. Go ahead, admit it — it’s ok. And if you do know, well — then you know.

Either way, I hope you understand that reading this just changed your life forever.

We’re irreparably connected. You now know where I grew up. Want to know something else? I went to this elementary school. And you can explore my entire neighborhood through “street view” in about 10 minutes. If I was really OCD I’d drop pins on a map to you where we used to ride dirt bikes. Where I played baseball & basketball. You can literally see my high school.

That’s the power of social media. It’s not a fad.

It’s the playground, subway, school yard, and office all wrapped in one. With a nice baby blue bow. And little birdies flying around it.

I finally get it.

The site we announced to the world on Sunday. It’s not anything new. It’s the same thing everyone else is offering in some slightly different set up. A bunch of grey boxes glommed together with their vision of what will be. Each of them, their own pieces of imperfection somewhere on the evolutionary chain of events. (Update: It’s just that our version is revolutionary & their versions are shit)

Watch us, we’ll show you.

I’m pretty sure that’s what Steve Jobs said a lot. And probably he meant it pretty much every single time. Not every move was a winner, but each step led further up the chain of evolutionary events to what we have today.

But now, his vision, by definition, is complete. So what do we do with all of this amazing potential?

It’s All in the Details.

The currency of the 21st century isn’t gold. or oil. or guns. It’s ideas. vision. community. It’s This. I get it now. And what we have in Twitter & Facebook & the network is our human potential increased by a factor of amazing. If you watch the video of Steve Jobs describing computers as “the bicycle for the mind”, you listen to him tell you the story. Watch his mannerisms. Vulnerable, smart, and sure — all at once. An enigma in a riddle. It’s simply breathtaking knowing what we know now. The perfection of his imperfection. And each day he always tried to focus on the details, only he could see.

So, if Apple really wants to make the next step, I’m gonna to say it: It’s details. It’s getting social & shopping right. Why is my iTunes app still different than the My Music app? It’s about getting my entire new iCloud collection of music to stream quickly & beautifully — like SoundCloud does. It’s about being relevant when I search for a song on Google. At least more relevant than Amazon. It’s about MOVING THE BLUETOOTH SETTING TO THE MAIN PAGE OF SETTINGS. It’s about Scheduled emails. And auto-save on EVERYTHING.

It’s about letting Jony flex his muscles any way he wants — If he wants to make the best table & chair the world has ever seen, let him. He is the right hand man of Apple. Never. Ever. Forget that. (respectfully, sheepishly he said) …It’s about commenting like Facebook (but better). It’s about getting a million little things right.

And, I know, it’s about revolutionizing the world just a few more times.

As someone who’s seen it, let me tell you — Twitter is the next utility. It is the telegraph of the 21st century. And rather than pollute it with Ads, like some do with email…let’s keep it pristine. Perfect. In a garden.

And, if nothing else — Twitter’s got that patent for the pull-down refresh on a menu. That’s probably going to be kinda valuable isn’t it? I LOVE THAT FEATURE. It’s like the Sony cassette decks that used to open slowly…remember that? I’d literally sit in front of my stereo opening and closing that door. So much style & grace. I wish my Apple Mail did that.

Afterall, It’s all in the details…

You get what I’m saying Apple? Do the right thing. Buy Twitter. If for nothing else — So I can keep working on the details of pulling my company through the evolutionary chain of events. I see it clearly. Don’t you?

It’s all in the details…

8 thoughts on “Apple & Twitter: A Love Story

  1. A Badger

    Man, I can’t believe you just put Glen Burnie on the map.  I mean, I can’t believe you just admitted you’re from Glen Burnie.  😉

  2. iheartWallSt

    Thanks! I really appreciate it, thought this one was going to be a hit. I guess I’ll have to wait to show everybody “one more thing”… 

  3. iheartWallSt

    Then you know. You know what I mean? And now we’re irreparably connected. 😉 

    I mean even the fact that we’re talking right now… the furthest I ever got from my hometown friends as a kid was a pen pal. Now we’ve all got a million pen pals, any day or time. That’s what makes this all so special. Truly, the collaboration that went into designing my firm would have never existed even 10 years ago. Mind boggling.

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