Temporal Spatial Arbitrage

My wife tells me I’m brilliant sometimes. I think she’s supposed to, in some circles. But when you see someone randomly type it in as a comment, “you’re brilliant”, I know it can be life changing. ;At the very least it’s day changing.

Well, I found a gem today. I’m going to re-read it about 5 times when I have more time. It’s Brilliant.

From Mortality Sucks:

Temporal spatial arbitrage is a phrase I’ve used for a number of years to describe what I do. There are many definitions of arbitrage, each emphasizing a different aspect (an interesting historical perspective is ;here). In ancient times (i.e. my childhood) the emphasis was on trades that took advantage of the movement of goods over distance. Today the emphasis is on simultaneous trades like index arbitrage. But when both time and space are considered, all choices in life can be viewed as trades entered in one point in an n-dimensional space and exited at another, where everything, including you, will be different in some way….

You’ve got to read the rest.