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Bank of America: We’ll Add Advisors in 2012

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Even as the company sets out on a second round of cost-cutting in Project New BAC, chief executive officer Brian Moynihan said the company considers Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management one of its core businesses – and will increase efforts to…

Via @Ritholtz – Interesting Paper: Assessing the Performance of Funds of Hedge Funds –

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Is Anyone Good at Picking Hedge Fund Managers?

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The Real Reason Larry Summers Didn’t Advocate a $1 Trillion Stimulus

20.3 hours ago from

At this point, it’s not clear to me how useful it is to keep re-litigating the role Larry Summers played in deciding how big the 2009 stimulus package should be. Lots of different participants have given their views, and there’s simply a…

Larry and the Invisibles

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The Stock Market Loves President Obama

23.5 hours ago from

AP It’ll be tough for the Obama haters to argue against this juicy little nugget. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has surged 60% since Barack Obama was inaugurated as president three years ago, according to research firm Bespoke…

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Dean keeps saying It is also important to note that the financial crisis has little direct relevance to the current weakness of the economy. The problem is simply that there is nothing to replace the demand generated by the housing bubble. Consumption is…

The 70s Don’t Look Like This Downturn

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Index Funds

ETF hit home? Investment advisers piling into exchange-traded funds

Data shows investment managers embracing passive funds with a passion; low fees a big…

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SPY, The 1st US ETF, Now A $100 Billion Fund

Nineteen years and a lot of surprise later, SPY crosses the $1 billion…

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Eight Industries the U.S. Has Lost to China

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Americans are used to the U.S. being the leader, or a top-ranked nation, in many areas. But in a number of industries and businesses, the U.S. has lost that first place, usually to China. While some, such as coal production, may not come as a surprise…


Apple now the largest buyer of semiconductors according to Gartner

No one would be shocked to learn that Apple is a major purchaser of semiconductors. Heck, hearing that the company is number one on that list might not even raise too many eyebrows. But, what if you we told you last year the Cupertino crew wasn’t…

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Will This Be Apple’s First $40 Billion Quarter?

Everyone is expecting a record quarter from Apple, which reports earnings today. “We expect a big quarter from Apple,” writes analyst Colin Gillis of BGC in a research note, “and we expect most investors expect a big quarter…

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