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Story of the Day: Research In Motion

New RIM CEO: “I Don’t Think There Is A Drastic Change Needed”

2.5 hours on

RIM’s new CEO Thorsten Heins has only been at the reigns for an evening, but he did a very “BlackBerry” job of presenting himself to the media this morning on his introductory media call. It felt a lot like the media calls..

RIM’s New CEO Is In Complete Denial: ‘I Don’t Think There Is Some Drastic Change Is Needed’ (RIMM)

2.7 hours on

Despite the major change at CEO, it sounds like nothing is going to change. New CEO Thorsten Heins said at the end of a conference call with analysts, “I don’t think there is some drastic change needed.” He says the company is just…


Paul Krugman: Is Our Economy Healing?

5.2 hours ago from

The economy is looking a bit better, but that could change if policymakers make the wrong decisions: Is Our Economy Healing?, by Paul Krugman, Commentary, NY Times: How goes the state of the union? Well, the state of the economy remains terrible. ……

How Fast, Recovery

2 hours ago on

Initial Unemployment Claims

2 days ago from

Give us another four weeks and we will know where the labor market is… …

Good Stuff…

7 Unusual Must-Reads for Monday

9 hours ago from

This is not the blog post you are looking for and other ways to get The Force. Is MSFT blaming the AAPL ipad for weaking PC sales? Is Pandora going to go after SIRI? Uh-oh. Is this the beginning of the end for RIMM? John Mauldin wonders if we are…

The Market


47.1 hours ago from

Some good stats here from this week’s Mike Santoli piece in Barrons: “THE MARKET HAS COME A LONG WAY in a little while. McMillan Analysis pointed out Friday that the Standard & Poor’s 500 was three standard…

The Dangers of Complacency

2 days ago on


John Hussman: Market Should Return 4.7% Annually

From an investment standpoint, it is similarly evident that investors have adopted a renewed willingness to speculate in recent weeks. I use the word “speculate” because on a valuation basis, we estimate prospective 10-year…

59 minutes ago on

Video – Hugh Hendry at the LSE Alternative Investments Conference last year – 

moneyscience: Video – Hugh Hendry at the LSE Alternative Investments Conference last year –

3.4 hours ago on

Jim Rogers is Short “Most” Emerging Markets

In an interview with The Economic Times, Jim Rogers said he’s short “most” emerging markets via the indices: Jim Rogers: I am still short on India. You all should stop calling me up because I am still short India. Yes I…

16.8 hours ago on

Chris Dodd cashes in, again

The disgraced “Friend of Mario’s” who resigned his Senate seat rather than face an ethics inquiry never left Washington last year, he just shifted offices to become chief lobbyist for the Motion Picture Association of…

20.3 hours on

Index Funds

The ETF First-Mover Effect

Is the first ETF in a segment always the biggest? I decided it was time for a closer…

4 days ago on

Chart of the day, ETF size edition

I’m sorry I missed Devin Riley’s excellent post when I was writing about ETFs on Friday. Here’s his chart: What you’re seeing here is a y-axis ranking assets under management: the biggest funds are lower down. The…

1.8 hours on


Apple’s Textbook Sales Off to a Strong Start

Only a few days after it’s launch, Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) plan to reinvent the way people read, view, and most importantly, purchase textbooks is off to a very good start.  Global Equities Research, who tracks the sales of Apple…

1.8 hours ago on

Obama Wants to Answer Your Questions in a Google+ Hangout

Never one to ignore new social networks, U.S. President Barack Obama will participate Jan. 30 in his first Google+ Hangout in which he’ll respond to questions from YouTube users. Obama — who in 2011 took part in town halls for…

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