Hey Twitter, You Should Be Embarrassed Right Now…

The Shorty Awards, started in 2008, have quickly become the Oscars of Twitter. Ok, maybe not the Oscars, but the fact of the matter is these rewards are supposed to represent the best voices of Twitter, which has become the major means of content distribution and communication for a bunch of really smart, funny, connected people.

So, the other day, when Josh Brown asked for us to vote for him in the Finance category, I did & went on my merry way.

But last night, I looked at the field again…

He’s in 4th. 4th?! This is the man who just made Fortune’s list of most memorable tweets of the year… (click to embiggen, as he would say)

Now look, don’t get me wrong The Goldman Sachs Elevator tweets are funny… but they’re also pretty one dimensional — Anonymous tweets about rich guys in an elevator saying obnoxious stuff. We get it — they’re removed from reality and that truth is funny. But the rest of this list? Sure Lucy Marcus is wicked smart, makes sense. But boy–  that Profit.ly & XtremePicks, just can’t get enough them… Gimme a break. How about some of these people?

Eddy Elfenbein (@EddyElfenbein) digs stuff out of his research lab & then tweets historical (on point) factoids about the market must of us haven’t even thought to dream up… mad scientist genius.

Bespoke Invest  (@Bespokeinvest) Justin and Paul are the people Bloomberg turns to for market data… You think maybe these guys have added something to our lives?

Or how about Barry Ritholtz (@Ritholtz)– his blog has like a million visits a month filled with amazing, eclectic of posts on the market, the ills of Wall Street, and fast cars. His tweet stream is jam-packed full of stuff he’s reading & thinking about throughout the day… How? How is he not even in the top ten??!

And Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal (@TheStalwart) shares Fed data and market moving headlines before ANYONE on the planet. You think that’s not worth a vote or two?

Or how about Reuters’ Lauren LaCapra (@LaurenLaCapra) and NPR’s Heidi Moore (@moorehn)? Or Bloomberg’s Margaret Brennan (@margbrennan) or another Reuters gem, Felix Salmon (@FelixSalmon)– You don’t think having access to & “hanging out” with world class financial reporters who have their ear to the ground is worth being on the list?

What’s wrong with you people?? What’s wrong with ME? How did I not vote a bit more to give some of these hard working people some recognition, aside from a healthy follower count. It’s Friday, show some love and give these people a vote; And all of the other unsung heroes I don’t have time to rant about…

It’s our world to share and I’m totally prepared to live in it one where we want the Goldman Sachs Elevator to be the best tweets in it, so be it. But, really, doesn’t Goldman rule enough of the world? And now Twitter? I’m done. That is all.

Vote or Goldman Wins.

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