lowered expectations

Lowered Expectations

Back in July 2011, Barry Riholtz brought some great information to light….

It’s that surreal time of the quarter, just ahead of the reporting season, when US companies cajole compliant analysts into reducing their profit forecasts so that on the day the company can record a positive earnings surprise.” — Albert Edwards, Global Strategy at Société Générale

Companies place so much store on beating analysts’ estimates that they play this ridiculous game of guiding down analysts numbers in the weeks or even days ahead of the announcement, only to beat depressed forecasts by a penny on the day (see chart below). The angle in the press and in analysts’ reports is then that this constitutes ‘good news’ despite, more often than not the outturn undershooting the market estimates of only a few weeks previous. Nuts!











Source: Ritholtz

And sure enough, here we go — the saga continues. Look at what the Bespoke boys found on estimates for Q4…

Source: Bespoke

Umm, yeah…