The Sounds That Rocked LA In 2011

“Mash-ups may not be for everyone”, but this year with it’s ear-to-the-ground, LA Weekly, gave huge hugs to Bootie (LA) as one of the tops for nightlife in the city of angels, “proving that a lot of people still like to bust moves to musical blends.”

Katy Perry and AC/DC, bubblegum inducing episodes of real head bobbing. Amy Winehouse with GNR, you’ll be excused to go cry in a corner. Johnny Cash with Easy-e, really happened — digitally speaking. And my boys new favorite, LL Cool J with Dexy’s Midnight Runners. By the way, my boys are 5 & 3 years old.

And of course, what list would be complete without Nirvana popping to a Michael Jackson Rockin’ Robin backbeat… you get the idea. Trust me, your ears will kiss you all over after a night with this stuff. Scientists say 30 seconds of any track will provide instant eargasm, scientifically speaking.

Founded by A+D, together, Adrian & Mysterious D are known mostly as galvanizers of the international mashup scene, since 2001 they have forged a hard-earned reputation as crowd-pleasing selectors who not only shamelessly bridge the gap between genres, but between the alternative and the mainstream. They’ve taken the party worldwide now, and here in LA it’s popping off.

“The crowds here are always full of vim.” In classic hotspot fashion, there isn’t a sign above this venue, but trust me, as soon as the first beats drop everyone is in the tribe. LA Weekly,The madness usually gets topped off around midnight when R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance) takes the stage for interpretive movement that’s as sassy and scrambled as the music creators A+D and DJ Paul V. provide on the decks.”

The few nights I’ve been there I’ve also seen a horse dancing in a tuxedo, a circus ring leader, and of course hot cheerleaders in drag, after all it is LA. Add cocktails to what is already an eclectic LA scene, garnish with mashed-up music videos playing the huge screen onstage, and now you have a night you won’t forget for a very, very long time.

So, if you can’t get out to grab your fill of Bootie somewhere near you, at least crank up the headphones & shake that moneymaker for the nice people next to you.

Here’s just small sample of what brought the house down on the LA dance floors in 2011. And a big nod to pundit JB for calling the hit of the summer from Foster The People on track 3.

Bootie LA 2011 by iheartwallstreet
Complete 2011 List From Bootie LA

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