2012: More Fun, Even If The World Does End

So, I’ve been thinking. What if I could re-write my life, especially after what I learned this year? What would my new story be?

After a year like the last three, I bet a lot of finance professionals are wondering the same thing. Investors too.

I think as the world continues to work through the mess we are in, many people will inevitably have to play a new hand, either through market forces or marching to the brink of insanity to the same drumbeat. Change is a constant throughout life, sometimes though it demands action now.

I was talking to a good friend about my writing. I’ve had some really nice acknowledgement in these last nine months since I started writing. Much of my success this year is in big part thanks to Tadas of Abnormal Returns, Felix Salmon and Jay McCarthy at Counterparties, Joe Calhoun at Real Clear Markets, Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider, Kristen French at Registered Rep, and my blogfather Josh Brown. But even bigger in my mind than the validation from these amazingly talented people is that I’ve made some real connections with people I now call friends through my writing. That’s what is still blows me away about social media, one day we’re strangers the next we’re talking about our families & the markets.  I’m sharing ideas with really smart people from all over the world — all as a result of things like Twitter and blogs. Ten short years ago this wouldn’t have been realistic, and barely possible.

Back to the writing — It’s really been a grind, and anyone who’s done it longer than six months knows, it can be mental warfare. You can fret over every single word until 2 am, sure it’s going to be a monster post to find out your wife and mom were the only ones who thought it was “really nice”. And then the one post you thought was just another story about the day-in-the-life goes viral.

Anyway, my friend told me my writing has suffered lately. So, I took off this last week to think about things. And you know what? He might be right. I’ve been trying to keep up with an insane market, the madness that is parenthood, while growing a firm. All of them are very needy right now. I’m not very patient, but I try to keep it in perspective — Josh Brown has been tickling the keys for three years now, Barry Ritholtz since 2003. So, I’m a babe. At this stage, I think it’s called runner’s fatigue. I’m still getting my legs.

The truth is, I’ve been working on a project for the last year in earnest that I think you might like. It’s the wealth management firm of the future, now. That’s what happens when I’m not writing here, I’m working with some great people trying to create a new reality, a new story and I can tell you most of the people involved are people I met through social media. So in 2012, I plan on being even more social as well as continuing to practice the few things I learned this year…

Here’s what I (re)learned this year:

1) When life seems overwhelming, play out your nuclear scenario. This is the scenario where you sell everything and say “now what…” You’ll see life is never hopeless even in it’s darkest moments. It’s the single minded pursuit of the idea of what life should be that keeps us from truly changing.

2) My family and health are too important to let the stock market ruin my day. I will probably forget this, at least briefly, 10 times next year.

3) Life is short. Stretch every day. The gym is not optional, especially after 30.

4) Listen with giraffe ears.

5) Practicing Karate and Yoga = life changing.

6) DJ School is totally worth it.

7) Have more fun, remove more noise. In the words of Steve Jobs, “Focus


In the vein of more fun for I Heart Wall Street, I’m adding a few new features: guest bloggers, easter eggs & interviews. And, something I’ve been trying to figure out before I start. Let’s see, where I can add value to the blog world?….

With another linkfest, of course. Except, I’m doing it with the help of my friend Alan Gorithm. Let the joke simmer.

About a year ago, I created The Wall Street Sheet, a news service curated by algorithm.  No one knows about it really, a few industry writers follow it, but it wasn’t widely successful because I’m not Tadas running Abnormal Returns and I don’t have 28 hours in a day to promote this too. I created it because I was tired of combing the news for conversations about similar topics.  Tadas is the hands down master of financial curation, save Felix Salmon and Ryan McCarthy running CounterParties. I’ve tried to convince Tadas to take another crack at ARnow using my engine. If he says no, Morning Linkfests by Alan Gorithm, I’m going to at least try it.

So in short…

2012 — More fun, even if the world does end.

One thought on “2012: More Fun, Even If The World Does End

  1. Bill Winterberg CFP®

    Scott, I wouldn’t be too worried about the writing taking a back seat. Write when you want and when you have something to say. The rest follow.

    I’m looking forward to what you have in store for 2012.

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