Germany: We Are Watching

I guess I’m in a mood today, especially after watching the video I posted about What Google And Facebook Are Hiding From the World.

In Germany they’re taking it a step further. They’re watching their citizens moods & broadcasting it across the city.

From Flowing Data:

Project Stimmungsgasometer (say what?) is a giant smiley face that changes based on the mood of Berlin citizens. When they are collectively “happy” the light is a smile, and when they are not, it is a sad face. Input comes from facial recognition software that takes in video from a strategically placed camera. The software estimates whether passers by are happy or not, and then installation changes accordingly.

There has been a ton of cognitive research on the feedback loop affecting our behavior, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a city-wide experiment — Crazy Germans! I’ll be interested to see it play out. Until then, smile — they’re watching.