One thought on “A Global Look: Do Parents Push Kids To Succeed?

  1. Brendan Ross

    I don’t think pressure is the issue at all.  The real question is “Why do most kids think that school sucks?”  Most adults like learning.  My sense is that it takes a decade for the trauma of our educational system to wear off, and for people to rekindle their inborn interest in self-improvement.  

    I send my kids to the Pasadena Waldorf School.  Check this video out for an eye-opening sense of what education can actually be like. many failed institutions can be explained by powerful entrenched interests.  I get why we have a pointless drug war, a military-industrial complex, etc.  I don’t like it, but I get it.Education is one area where almost no one actually benefits from massively underserving our children.  Even the teachers have nothing to gain from the status quo.  It’s a shame that we have framed the debate in terms of how crammed our children are with knowledge instead of how engaged they are in the process of self-improvement.  Knowledge is EASY if you actually enjoy being intellectually engaged.

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