Real Men Of Genius: Mr. Super Long Prospectus Writer Guy

Today we salute you, Mr. Super Long Prospectus Writer Guy.

Armed with your thesaurus AND templates of acceptable legalese, disgruntled postmen & emails servers everywhere strain to deliver your torturous tomes.

And does that stop you? No. You are a rock. A rock inside shoes around the world…

You refer to yourself as “the trust” in mixed company, ready for anything & anyone; [not limited to Market Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Derivatives Risk, and/or Execution Risk…] — at the ready with proper negative consent & Times Roman font size.

Act of God? …was your favorite excuse in high school. And your nickname in college.

Past performance no guarantee of future results? Obviously, they’ve never seen you at work.

Yes, you sir are a champion among men.

Men who use words like Obligor. In public. On dates.

Yes, really…

So, tap up a nice long cool one Mr. Producer Of Pounds Of Paper,

because in our mailbox, you’ll always be at the top of the heap.

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2 thoughts on “Real Men Of Genius: Mr. Super Long Prospectus Writer Guy

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  2. D.C. Lawyer

    And Mr. Prospectus Guy, despite the tediously lengthy product of your efforts, you somehow manage to omit to mention the real risks that are latent in the securities being offered, but Mr. Needlessly Meddlesome Class Action Guy will not doubt tediously set them out in even more prolix fashion in a complaint purporting to speak for those “similarly situated,” which will then be picked apart in tedious manner by Mr. Failure to Plead with Particularity Defense Bar Specialist, and Mr. Fresh From Ivy-League Law School Judicial Clerk Guy will draft an opinion spanning 47 pages in F.Supp. dismissing it.      

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