The World IS on Fire.

The headline got you didn’t it. Well, while you’re here staring at the market launching higher as the world burns (or doesn’t) you might as well stay for this show.

From one of my favorite sites, Flowing Data:

Using satellite data that goes back to 2002, NASA mapped tens of millions of fires worldwide in this global tour.

The tour begins by showing extensive grassland fires spreading across interior Australia and the eucalyptus forests in the northwestern and eastern part of the continent. The tour then shifts to Asia where large numbers of agricultural fires are visible first in China in June 2004, then across a huge swath of Europe and western Russia in August. It then moves across India and Southeast Asia, through the early part of 2005. The tour continues across Africa, South America, and concludes in North America.

Bright shades of yellow indicate hotter fires, and darker shades of green represent higher levels of vegetation. Analyses show that 70 percent of fires occur in Africa, whereas only two percent occur in North America.

It’s pretty cool to watch, although I can’t help but think of all the people affected. And I’m not really sure of what use it is, but it is fire, so my inner Beavis five year old is compelled to watch.