Lebron’s Bar Tab?

The bill? $172,000. That’s before tip. But it must be hard times in Vegas still, water was not comped. And I’m not sure what to make of the 12 Budlights while Cristal was flowing…

From Brobible

The tipster claimed to possess a photo of LeBron James’s $171,937.53 tab from a party at the XS Nightclub at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas.

3 thoughts on “Lebron’s Bar Tab?

  1. allittakes

    Wow. Nice markup: Cristal retails for $249 (>600% markup) and The Patron is $200 (>700%). And $8 redbull’s. Funny money makes you stupid.

  2. Insert Foot Here

    @Tyler It seems possible, but I have no idea– I just thought it was noteworthy (and my traffic is blowing up on this silly post) kinda sad either way.

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